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Social, environmental and economic concerns have our world in turmoil. Now, more than ever, we all have to take these concerns on-board and act accordingly. The organizers of A Summer in Le Havre are well aware of how urgent this is and intend to make this year’s celebrations a model for sustainable development and social responsibility. Fully in line with Agenda 21, Le Havre’s ambitious program setting out the action to fulfil the sustainable development goals, A Summer in Le Havre includes three commitments:

Giving the event a strong social element through inclusion and cultural mediation
Hand-in-hand with local structures and stakeholders, A Summer in Le Havre actively promotes professional inclusion in a number of areas: handling, building and other works, greeting the public and cultural mediation. Take, for example, the Couleurs sur la plage project, initiated by graphic designer Karel Martens and brought to life by the Le Havre-based inclusion scheme AHAPS. The event also includes some distinct artistic education and cultural mediation initiatives designed to help as many people as possible make the most of the A Summer in Le Havre happenings, with special attention paid to marginal and excluded population groups.

Promoting environmental awareness through exemplary conduct
The organizers and the public are urged to join forces and minimize the event’s carbon footprint. The celebrations have to be environmentally acceptable. Visitors that come along are encouraged to adopt responsible conduct. A Summer in Le Havre is an opportunity for the area to reaffirm its sustainable development commitments and ensure that all the initiatives comply with the goals set out in the city’s Agenda 21 and eco-event recommendations.

Bringing local stakeholders and inhabitants together around a meaningful project
A Summer in Le Havre has the ambition of rallying and uniting the local population and stakeholders in the Le Havre region around a trailblazing artistic program. People involved in the cultural and economic sectors, along with residents from the conurbation, are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of the event, from the conception of the artistic projects to promotion, greeting visitors and other voluntary actions. Art Point M is organizing Magnifik Parade on May 27 and hopes to have 2,300 Le Havre residents parade through the city’s streets.
The conurbation’s businesses are also being called upon. From the viewpoints of the general public and investors, 2017 is a wonderful opportunity to boost Le Havre’s economic development and image.

Photo © Philippe Bréard / Ville du Havre

A Summer in Le Havre would like to thank Suez for its support with the event’s environmental and social responsability initiatives.

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