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Visual artist

Born in 1978
Lives in Paris

The artworks created by Baptiste Debombourg excel at revealing and spreading unsaid things, repressed stories, and dark sides. Behind his sculptures and their materials, there are stories that are either hidden or eager to be revealed. This artist is not offended to be compared to a « repairer ». He heals damaged walls, broken furniture, or cracked objects, without hiding their wounds.

This results in monumental artworks, which, as their paradoxical aspects unveil, make onlookers wonder about the desire to be alive in spite of the frailness, vulnerability, and precariousness of life. Baptiste Debombourg's artworks may be monumental, but they are still in the process of recovery. They are not a celebration of power, but rather of partial destruction, incomplete restoration, and even resilience. Beyond their sometimes ironic aspect, these restructured artworks are to be interpreted as reflections on time, history, memories, or dreams.

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