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Graphic designer

Fondé en 2007
Basé à Paris

Chevalvert is a visual design studio co-founded by Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet in 2007.

Based on an open, multidisciplinary and transversal approach to design where form is at the service of the idea. The studio’s achievements are in the fields of graphic design, interaction, publishing, video, and space and interactive installations.

These installations materialize invisible phenomena: the flows and movements of passers-by (Geologist of the flows, Lyon Parc Auto, 2019), the sound waves (Murmur, 2013 – 2019), the rhythms of the heartbeats of the visitors, which agree or discord together (Rythmus, Festival of Lights of Lyon, 2019). Interaction is indeed at the heart of these sensitive systems, which perceive the movements of the world and of people in order to better reveal and connect them.

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