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“Celebrating a 500th anniversary is a rare opportunity. We have that opportunity in Le Havre in 2017!

An opportunity to take a fresh look at our city - a look that might surprise us. A chance to show the world what we are and what we can do. In 2017, we will also be celebrating our identity. A cheerful identity, that does not wallow in the past, a courageous identity, an identity with a lucid understanding of the glories and darker times of the past, of the strengths and weaknesses of the present, but an optimistic identity, that is inventive and forward-looking.

We are an open, generous, creative and conquering city. And we are going to tell France, Europe and the rest of the world all about it this year.
A Summer in Le Havre will be a celebration for the people of Le Havre, a celebration for everyone who comes to discover or rediscover the city and, due to its sheer scale, a cultural event unlike no other.

For five months, from May to October, an astonishing urban artistic trail will come to life across the city. The quality and breadth of the program created by Jean Blaise and the major events planned will serve as catalysts, making sure the season is truly unforgettable.
We will discover, we will be amazed - and we are eagerly awaiting for it!

A Summer in Le Havre, in 2017? I truly hope that, in years to come, everyone will proudly say ‘I was there.’”  

Édouard Philippe

Photo ®EH 2015


  • Since 2010: Mayor of Le Havre
  • Since 2010: President of CODAH
  • Since 2012: MP, 7th voting district of Seine-Maritime
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