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Le Havre is a city of architects to be discovered with the respect due to great creative minds. That does not prevent us from tickling it to upset its immobility. In an attempt to reveal the Perret architecture, we have embarked on a quest to find artists capable of disrupting its strict aspect by introducing a bit of derision and fun into the space it occupies. Stephan Balkenhol's ordinary-looking but quirky characters are enjoying a new life on the facades of the buildings situated Rue de Paris while Erwin Wurm is moving to his Narrow House – designed after the Home Sweet Home of his Austrian parents – on Avenue Foch, next to the most beautiful Perret buildings...

Henrique Oliveira is blowing up everything with his gigantic roots coming from the depths of the earth while Susan Philipsz is recreating the sound of a strong breeze coming from the sea and the sound of her own body inside Saint Joseph's Church. Olivier Grossetête is building a whole cardboard city on Saturday to tear it down on Sunday. A Summer In Le Havre is the meticulous staging of a urban disorganisation designed to liven up the city. To awake a sleeping giant, you have to tickle him. The artists selected for this edition of A Summer In Le Havre perfectly know how. And when the giant awakes, they smile like naughty little rascals. 

A Summer In Le Havre Artistic Director


  • From 2000 to 2010, served as Director of « Le Lieu Unique »
  • 2002, initiated « Nuit Blanche » in Paris
  • 2011, created « Le Voyage à Nantes »
  • 2014, became Chairman of the National Working Group for Art and Culture in the Public Space
  • Since 2015, has been Artistic Director of <i>A Summer in Le Havre</i>
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